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Image courtesy of Wentian Song

Wentian Song
Menswear designer

Menswear designer Wentian Song tends to reveal the spaciousness of the clothes and the uniformity of the fabrics. Following the concept of mono-materiality, Song focuses on handcrafted garments and a series of original pattern-cutting experiments.

Image courtesy of Wentian Song

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College with the Graduation Design Award and taking his master’s degree at Glasgow School of Art, Song released his first menswear collection ‘Floating’. Inspired by the phenomenon of water freezing into ice at low temperatures and melting at high temperatures, that is, the same object taking on different forms, Song aspires to use one material throughout in a single garment. For example, the designer dismantles the same garment and makes it into a new form or replaces the accessories in a garment with the same fabric.

Image courtesy of Wentian Song

In the collection, Song deconstructed a pair of overalls and reintegrated all the pieces to get new patterns, and transformed them into a jacket. Instead of buttons, Song used thin cotton bands made of the same fabric to fasten cotton shirts by passing them through buttonholes. Where it was necessary to use multiple fabrics, buttons and zippers were used as removable elements on the hem to connect the linings instead of sewing them together directly. Song intentionally leaves space between the garment and the body so that the garment will fit better over time.

more. www.wentiansong.com

Wentiansong 001
Image courtesy of Wentian Song
Image courtesy of Wentian Song
Image courtesy of Wentian Song

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