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Women in love by Benedetta Paravia aka Princess Bee

Events | November 15, 2022 |

Benedetta Paravia 001
Image courtesy of Benedetta Paravia

Women in love by Benedetta Paravia aka Princess Bee
December 02 – 23, 2022
Palazzo Bembo, Venice

ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the opening of WOMEN IN LOVE, a solo exhibition of Benedetta Paravia hosted during VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR – 16th Edition. WOMEN IN LOVE is born from the idea of Benedetta Paravia, aka Princess Bee, Vice President and Ambassador of A.N.G.E.L.S. – National Association of Great Energies Leading Solidarity – ONLUS. The aim is to raise public awareness on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (clitoridectomy, excision and infibulation) in order to help put an end to this violence perpetrated on girls and young women, a violation of Human Rights (WHO 2008).

There are 125 million women in the world who live with one of the existing genital mutilations, while 4 million girls are at risk of suffering one every year. In Italy 90.000 women painfully coexist with one of the three existing genital mutilations and every year 8.000 minors are at risk, of which 4.000 become victims. International mobilizations against this phenomenon have reduced the incidence of the new generations but the problem is still seriously widespread. FGM has become the target of the fifth goal of Sustainable Development: gender equality. In fact, although the practice is managed by women, it is however supported by a system of values and norms that exercise a cultural and identity function: the attenuation of female desire, the increase of male pleasure, and above all the security of marital fidelity and the preservation of virginity are among the dominant motivations of a sexual nature. Therefore, FGM has no religious basis and is practiced in many countries of Africa, the South of the Arabian Peninsula, South East Asia, and indeed, also in Italy. With Law n. 7 of January 9th, 2006, the Italian Parliament has taken steps to protect women from FGM practices in the implementation of articles 2, 3, and 32 of the Italian Constitution and of what is sanctioned by the Declaration and the Action Program adopted in Beijing on September 15, 1995, at the Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women. Finally, on February 6, the World Day Against Female Genital Mutilation was proclaimed.

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Benedetta Paravia 002
Image courtesy of Benedetta Paravia

The WOMEN IN LOVE exhibition contributes to mobilization and cultural change. The project includes a personal exhibition by the artist who will exhibit 7 NFT videos that each portray 7 volunteer women of different nationalities, with the photographic direction of Daniele Pedone. The images arouse emotional impact through the representation of a true orgasm, that is the force of female nature as opposed to the violence of the crime of FGM. The viewer is consequently induced to reflect and become aware of the profound physical and mental injuries inflicted on the woman and her femininity which is denied after having undergone these practices. The exhibition catalog, produced in both Italian and English, will contain some of the most significant testimonies of women who have been involved in the fight against FGM for over thirty years, whether they have been victims or escaped violence. At the end of the exhibition, the 7 NFTs will be auctioned off during a charity auction of which part of the proceeds will go to support the NGO The Girdle for the empowerment of women in Africa and the rest will be used for a targeted awareness education campaign for girls through social media Tiktok and Instagram, with a series of traveling conferences on the theme of FGM and for free deinfibulation and clitoridoplasty for mutilated victims. The inauguration of the WOMEN IN LOVE exhibition will be on 2 December at 5 pm for the media and from 6 to 10 pm for guests at Palazzo Bembo in Venice, in collaboration with the international gallery ITSLIQUID GROUP. The exhibition will last until December 23rd.

Palazzo Bembo

Riva del Carbon 4794
30124 Venezia, Italia
December 05 – 23, 2022
09:30 AM – 05:30 PM

December 02, 2022 | 06:00 PM
Press preview 05:00 PM
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About the artist
Multifaceted artist, creative producer, and philanthropist Benedetta Paravia aka Princess Bee returned to Italy from the United Arab Emirates, where she works by creating a bridge between the Middle East and Europe through culture, university education, songs (including one for peace, “Angels”, endorsed by UNESCO), books, television and cross-media programs for women, fashion shows, art exhibitions, and solidarity. She is the most famous Italian in the Arab world, the only personality who has been authorized, inside the Cairo Museum, for a photo shoot in which she is the protagonist. She is an icon of her beloved adopted city, Dubai, and is the pride of Google with 100% positive news dedicated to her. She collaborates with La Repubblica and RepTV.

Benedetta Paravia 003
Image courtesy of Benedetta Paravia

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Palazzo Bembo, located in the historic district of San Marco, the heart of Venice, is available to host solo shows and group exhibitions of the most talented emerging and established artists, designers, and architects selected by our professional team among the numerous show participation requests.

Palazzo Bembo is one of the late Gothic Venetian buildings built in the right middle of the famous Canal Grande, a few meters from the renowned Rialto Bridge. Its name comes from the humanist and literary cardinal Pietro Bembo, known for the so-called “linguistic question” during the Italian XV century.

The facade of the building, with all its gothic pentafore, is as fascinating as the interior which is divided into three floors and characterized by large salons. The seventeenth-century staircase overlooks the internal courtyard that leads to the noble floor, where decorations are dating back to the same century, in Baroque style. The exhibition space, on the first floor, overlooks the Canal Grande and the Rialto Bridge, giving a suggestive view both day and night.

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