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Woodys Eyewear

Woodys is an international and independent eyewear brand born in 2013 to give another vision and depict a world full of unique stories and characters through its optical and sunframes for women and men. Values like quality and design are reflected in all its glasses, but color is its differentiator. The brand works with a unique chromatic harmony to create authentic and sophisticated eyewear.

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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear

Woodys was born to break stereotypes, to do things in a different way and to give a voice to people who flee from fashion and want to be unique. We were born in the water, thanks to wakeskate, an aquatic sport in which the person uses a wooden board to surf the waves produced by a ship. Josep (Founder and CEO of Woodgs) and his cousin spent a lot of time practising this sport. They were so passionate until the point they started to design their own tables. It was the first contact between Josep and the wood. He was finally named Wakestate European Champion in 2013 and 2014.

During one of his training sessions, Josep dropped his glasses in the lake, something that happened often practising wakeskate. Desperate to find a pair of glasses that wouldn’t sink in the lake, he began to investigate the production of frames and the materials used for their manufacture. He was looking for the right method to design the ideal pair of glasses.

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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear

After many tests, Josep observed that the key was in the sheets of the wakeboards. Woodys was born. Our first frames were made from the scrap of skateboards. Over time, we incorporated bamboo or pear wood to create different and sustainable frames manufactured with a highly valued and unique natural material.

Today, what began as a dream has become a solid company present in more than 75 countries around the world. Our glasses have matured with us. We have explored new terrains, used new materials, and perfected the manufacturing process to become a world-renowned style and fashion benchmark.

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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear

Creativity and color are the driving forces for designing our frames. We are inspired by the latest trends but always taking to our territory. Our design team conceptualize, creates, and produces frames full of authenticity to emphasise the personality of the wearer. We pay special attention to details to achieve exclusive pieces: engravings that take us back to our origins, unique terminals hand-polished millings and volumes. Combining structures, transparencies, and harmonic colours to create unique frames.

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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear

Woodys goes back to basics and relaunches its most iconic models

Woodys presents Outsiders, a campaign in which the protagonists are mysterious and enigmatic beings with an eccentric and refined style. Outsiders who travel around the world, snooping in every continent, country, and city. They move among us, but no one really knows where they are from a world beyond our imagination. The new collection is full of novelties, such as the relaunch of two of our most iconic models: PANOS, a men’s sun frame and BEE, a combined women’s eyewear model. We have kept their original structure and updated the colours to create a renewed version that is more Woodys than ever. Together with these two models, the collection consists of a total of 39 frames and 170 references for women and men. A launch where we have clearly opted for high-quality acetate, acetate and recycled acetate Mazzucchelli. Year after year we also continue to focus on sustainability and ecological and recycled materials. Currently, 40% of the collection is manufactured with bioacetate, a material made from plant-based resins. In addition, we also use recycled materials for the packaging of our products, among other actions.

more. www.woodyseyewear.com

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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear
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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear
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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear
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Image courtesy of Woodys Eyewear

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