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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ


Brand Z hlíny květ proudly announces its innovative approach to interior décor with the launch of its latest collection, merging the elegance of houseplants with artisanal ceramics. Founded on the belief that every plant can be a masterpiece, Brand Z hlíny květ offers a curated selection of one-of-a-kind artistic pieces tailored specifically for individual plants. Inspired by a lifelong passion for plants inherited from her grandfather, who dedicated his life to orchids and bonsai, Kristýna Švábenská recalls her childhood spent amidst a myriad of exotic flora in her grandfather’s vast garden and greenhouse oasis. The enchanting allure of these botanical sanctuaries sparked her journey into the world of horticulture and design.

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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ

Commencing her own botanical odyssey upon inheriting her grandfather’s bonsai collection, coupled with the renovation of her grandmother’s garden, Kristýna Švábenská embarked on creating her own haven of tranquility-a miniature Japanese garden. As she adorned her living spaces with verdant foliage, she sought to encapsulate the enduring legacy and artistic essence of bonsai cultivation within traditional houseplants, thus venturing into the realm of ceramic craftsmanship. Mastering the art of ceramics, Kristýna Švábenská began crafting bespoke planters and kokedama (hanging moss balls) to complement her growing collection of indoor greenery. Today, her passion for ceramic artistry extends beyond planters, encompassing decorative accents such as lamps, all infused with the coastal charm of distant landscapes and embellished with elements like pearls.

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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ

Discover an array of meticulously handcrafted kokedama, plants paired with bespoke ceramics, meticulously propagated specimens, and rare houseplants at Brand Z hlíny květ. Each creation is a testament to Kristýna Švábenská’s dedication to botanical beauty and artisanal excellence. Z hlíny květ, the innovative brand renowned for its fusion of artistic ceramics and botanicals, has announced its presence in the design world since its establishment in 2019. With a remarkable journey marked by significant achievements, Z hlíny květ has emerged as a distinctive voice in the intersection of art and nature.

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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ

The brand’s notable milestones include participation in prestigious design exhibitions such as CzechDesignWeek in the Czech Republic in 2023, 1000Vases at Milan Design Week in 2023, and Designblok in the Czech Republic in 2022. These exhibitions provided platforms for Z hlíny květ to showcase its unique creations and captivate audiences with its innovative approach. Moreover, Z hlíny květ has garnered attention from various media outlets and magazines including CzechDesign and Dolce Vita, further solidifying its presence and influence in the design community.

more. www.zhlinykvet.com

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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ
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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ
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Image courtesy of Z hlíny květ

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