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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

ZEROBARRACENTO is a gender-neutral emerging outerwear brand focusing on zero-waste product development.

0 means zero waste, less pollution and reduced emissions as well as 0% gender 100 means 100% high quality, Made in Italy, traceability, sustainability and transparency of production.

ZEROBARRACENTO does not revolutionize but restructure (re-shape) the values of the textile and fashion industry, freeing itself from seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age and gender, giving life to a product that can embrace and accompany anyone who chooses it at different stages of their life, adapting to changes in body, style and personality: a uniform of identity, at the same time armour and protection. The brand redefines the production processes and the choices that contribute to the creation of a collection since each element is designed to achieve zero-waste, model typology and commitment reached at 360 degrees, with monofiber products that include cimosas and avoiding accessories that are difficult to disassemble. Quality versus quantity, uniqueness instead of seriality, traceability and transparency instead of closure. Made in Italy is a valuable choice, it represents the means to be able to trace every step of production, collaborate with excellent suppliers and be open to change. ZEROBARRACENTO does not judge but welcomes, does not exclude but includes, does not waste but values. The brand is based on the idea of creating pieces that last and that can be handed down by generations. A timeless aesthetic, a minimal design with artistic and architectural inspirations, constantly changing design pieces in which matter is central, animated by cuts, folds, draperies and soft and destructured shapes. ZEROBARRACENTO uses only certified Made in Italy raw materials, giving priority to GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified regenerated materials. In addition, the brand has been analyzed in terms of corporate and product responsibility by Cikis and Sustainable Brand Platform.

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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

Camilla Carrara
The designer and founder of ZEROBARRACENTO is Camilla Carrara, born in 1991, Milanese by birth, graduated in 2014 at the Politecnico di Milano in Fashion Design and completed her master’s studies in Sustainability in Fashion at Esmod Berlin in November 2015. In 2016 Camilla won a 12-month research grant offered by Salvatore Ferragamo and The Foundation for Climate and Sustainability Scholarship for the research project “Natural fibers, new materials and recovery of traditional craftsmanship for the ecologically and socially sustainable fashion industry”. In the following years, the designer was often invited as a guest speaker in several schools and universities (Axis College, University of the Incarnate Word, Bocconi, 24Ore Business School and Polimoda Florence) to tell the value of zero waste and deepen the discourse on design strategies. Since 2021 she has been a member of the Jury of Redress Design Award, the largest sustainable fashion design competition in the world organized by Redress and currently collaborates with C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub as project coordinator.

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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

Zero-waste in fashion accordingly to ZEROBARRACENTO.

You have rarely heard of zero-waste in fashion. What does it mean? And what are its positive impacts?

The fashion industry generates a lot of textile waste, and its improper disposal is harming our planet. ZEROBARRACENTO’s designer, Camilla Carrara, strongly believes that zero-waste fashion design is the answer to the dire consequences of the traditional production processes that are polluting our Earth. Zero-waste fashion is about utilising existing materials to their full capacity and not producing textile or other material waste. Did you know that 15% of textiles go wasted in the fashion production process?

ZEROBARRACENTO was born with the aim of optimising the textile and fashion production chains by improving the current production processes, but this requires a real mind-shift of both designers and manufacturers.

When Camilla was a young student of Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano, she was visiting several textile companies and discovered the huge quantities of waste that were produced annually. The fact that such a substantial amount of leftovers were produced by premium companies made her think that she wanted to optimise the textile and fashion supply chains. Ambitious, no?

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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

The challenge inherent in the design strategy is to bring together the luxury fit, feel, and aesthetic, within the constraints of zero-waste. Working with zero waste requires time and a commitment to ongoing research. But how does it really work?

ZEROBARRACENTO patterns are developed starting from linear geometric shapes that create a puzzle, then pieces are cut and draped on a dummy.

So, what are the steps that need to be taken to create zero-waste pieces?
Start with a fluid mind and let the fabric guide your creativity, rather than the other way around, which is the usual approach;
Measure the width of the fabric you are planning to use, the ultimate goal is to use every inch of it;
Sketch out some potential ideas of the pieces you would like to create but be aware of the fact that some elements could change as you may have to adjust them to the fabric width;
Now start working with geometric shapes on paper to create a “puzzle” on all the fabric surface;
Play a bit on the dummy to get the best out of your pieces!
Start cutting the fabric and stitch all the pieces together!
The outcome of the design ideas is based on continual experiments on both paper and mannequins.

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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

At ZEROBARRACENTO, we are working hard to be as much transparent as possible towards final consumers and to improve our communication skills, because value is real (and sells) only if properly communicated!

The core goal of ZEROBARRACENTO is to develop a complete zero-waste production chain; starting from sustainable textile production waste, through the development of textiles, and resulting in a small outerwear collection of zero-waste pieces. The brand collections are clean, essential, and Italian – developed in partnership with mindful manufacturers that are aligned with the brand’s values. That’s why on there is a free-access map of all the brand’s supply chain.

0 and 100 are the brand statements. It means 0% of waste as well as 0% of gender and age. ZEROBARRACENTO aims to be 100% sustainable in factual terms. This means being 100% factual, 100% clean, 100% inclusive.

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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

The goal of ZEROBARRACENTO is to achieve the perfect fit often sought by luxury consumers, without compromising on sustainable practices. The idea is to create a cocoon-like feel through the use of oversized volume, soft materials, and enveloping closure systems. The collection silhouettes are directly inspired by the art of Burri, Giacometti, and Brancusi.

Zero-waste must be a 360° choice; it should be a commitment in our daily lives as it could allow us all to truly reduce our impact. As a brand driven by a strong creative soul, we think it is both a challenge and an opportunity to experiment with new ways to design.


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Image Courtesy of ZEROBARRACENTO

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