ITSLIQUID GROUP, in collaboration with International ArtExpo, is proud to present "ITSLIQUID International Contest - First Edition 2012".

The contest is born with the goal of promoting contemporary art, photography and design through all the divulgating tools that the communication platform ITSLIQUID has used for years (press release, mailing list with more than 60,000 subscribers, international contemporary art and design events realization).

ITSLIQUID International Contest – First Edition 2012  had five main categories: painting and drawing, sculpture and installation, photography, video-art, product design.

The winners will be selected following the criteria of quality of the work, originality, uniqueness. The jury reserves the right to nominate a maximum of n.3 honorable mentions for each category that will be communicated through the same press release.

Jury President
Luca Curci (Architect and artist - Italy)

Yousef Aldeek (Founder of the Palestinian Cinema Arts Association - Palestine), Thierry Alet (Art Fair director - USA), Fausta Bolettieri (Curator - Italy), Fortunato D'amico (Landscape architect, Curator - Italy), Elis Saint Juste Gluckstein (Landscape architect, Curator - Italy/Austria), Aranka Israni (Visual artist - USA/UAE), Dodi Karim (Artist - UK/Giordania), Abd A. Masoud (Gallerist - Austria), Macu Moran (Editor of videoartworld - Spain), Constantin Severin (Writer, Philosopher and Artist - Romania), Michele Spinelli (Gallerist, Art Collector - Italy), Stefano Tordiglione (Designer and Artist - Italy/Hong Kong)



ITSLIQUID International Contest - 1st Edition 2012  Awards gives to the participants the possibility to win the following prizes:

- n.5 prizes, of the value of 15.000,00 euro, consisting in one year of interviews, publications and specials on the ITSLIQUID Platform and one year of email announcements sent to the mailing list dedicated (more than 60.000 subscribers), to the winner artists of all categories.

- A collective exhibition about winner artists of all categories at the Rearte Gallery, Wien (Austria).

- The realization of a site-specific artwork set in the context of the city of Venice, for winner artists of sculpture and installation, videoart, product design categories. The prize is offered by Contaminante, an interactive project between planners, artists and territory which carries out site specific shows that become in the end integral part of the heritage of the city.

- Prize of the value of 5.000,00 euro consisting in one year of participation to the International Videoart Festivals organized by International ArtExpo Group.

- A special about winner artist of videoart category on one of the most important videoart platforms (

- The participation to International Videoart exhibitions organized by the group "The Palestinian Social Cinema Arts Association", for the winner artist of videoart category.


ITSLIQUID GROUP is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the ITSLIQUID International Contest | First Edition 2012. The Jury selected 5 winners one for each category, and 15 honorable mentions, 3 for each category, selected following the criteria of quality of the work, originality, uniqueness. ITSLIQUID GROUP received more than 300 subscriptions from all over the world.

ITSLIQUID GROUP would like to acknowledge all the artists and designers for their effort, vision, and passion for contemporary art, architecture, design innovation and the members of the Jury for their knowledge, time, and enthusiasm during the long review process as well as all the media partners for their support.


Painting and Drawing category 
Claude Jones, Australia - "Wild Game", 2011


Painting and Drawing - Honorable mentions
Alessio Larocchi, Italy - "Flag copied out.jpn (Color paper selector)", 2005 (left)
Aluan Argüelles, Cuba - "Sad Diamonds series", 2010 (center)
Mya Ando, USA - "Sui getsu ka (water moon flower)", 2011 (right)

Video art categoryWinner
Yuko Asai, Japan – “Make up”, 2011


Video art categoryHonorable mentions
Wei-Ming Ho, Taiwan – “Self - Destruction for Eternity”, 2011 (left)
Alessandro Perini, Sweden – “Viaggio in una città invisibile”, 2008 (center)
Roman Deingruber, USA – “CUBE”, 2004 (right)


Sculpture and Installation category – Winner
Strijdom van der Merwe, South Africa - "Reaching for the sky", 2011


Sculpture and Installation categoryHonorable mentions
Tanya Preminger, Israel – “Ritual Cut”, 2009 (left)
Emilio Corti, Italy – “Familija”, 2011 (center)
Zimoun, Switzerland – “200 prepared dc-motors, wire isolated, cardboard elements”, 2011 (right)


Product design – Honorable mentions
Dylan Gold, USA - “Vessel: Ceramic”, 2011 (left)
Yaron Elyasi, Israel - “Forest”, 2011 (center)
Alejandro Gomez Stubbs, Colombia - “Wood Furniture”, 2010 (right)


Photography category – Winner
Tetsugo Hyakutake, Japan “Pathos and Irony: Industrial Still-Life in Japan #1”, 2006


Photography categoryHonorable mentions
Diana Nikolova, Bulgaria – “Ani”, 2011 (left)
Hakan Dagdelen, Turkey – “STILLS vs.”, 2011 (center)
Celia De Coca, Spain – “Grandmother”, 2009 (right


Product designWinner
Miriam Aust & Sebastian Amelung, Germany – "Like paper", 2011