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Interview: Nataša Segulin

Interviews | January 10, 2022 |

4 Nataša Segulin Agrigento Italy
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

Interview: Nataša Segulin
Luca Curci talks
with Nataša Segulin, during VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2021 – 14TH EDITION, at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space.

Born in 1948 in Koper, Slovenia, Nataša Segulin graduated in 1973 from the Faculty of Arts Ljubljana. She worked as a member of the editorial staff, journalist, and editor, and for the past twelve years as editor-in-chief at the TV Koper-Capodistria (TV Slovenia). She became interested in photography while studying art history and, subsequently, working as an arts and culture journalist. Following current events with a camera, editing, contributing news items and news stories, shows and, obviously, attending various exhibitions provided Nataša with ample creative inspiration and was crucial in shaping her artistic vision, which she was able to fully pursue only after her retirement in 2011. Travels with her partner, archaeologist and photographer Slavko Ciglenečki, have also been a great inspiration, the archaeological expeditions to remote and hidden Roman sites on three continents. A marked influence on her approach to photography has also been the internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Diana Lui (Galerija Fotografija Gallery, Ljubljana 2013). She is a member of the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies.

Nataša Segulin
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Nataša Segulin – Art is beauty, emotions, feelings. I live and breathe art.

LC – How did you get to your current artistic practice?
NS – I have studied art history at the University of Ljubljana. For thirty years I have worked as a member of the editorial staff, I was a journalist, cultural and art editor, and editor in chief at the TV station TV Koper-Capodistria in Slovenia. Following current events with a camera and editing, attending many exhibitions, doing many interviews with artists, photographers, actors, writers… all this created a nice artistic mosaic which helped me to enter the beautiful, exciting world of photography in 2011. This coincided with the beginning of my retirement, and it was also encouraged by my life partner, an archaeologist and photographer. I accepted the challenge and immediately bought a quality professional digital camera. He showed me how to use it and so I entered the wonderful world of photography. I have already had several solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. I also had my first photo book Lumen published! I’m happy!

6 Nataša Segulin Augsburg Germany
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

LC – How is your creative process?
NS – I am usually inspired by the situation on my travels, but I also find inspiration in myself. I have a spontaneous predilection for architecture, nature, details… My work is an instinctive, intuitive process. The constant in my work is minimalistic language. I am always fascinated by the evocative images which define the sound of silence in the infinity of the universe that surrounds us. There are mysterious moments where the beauty of silence reigns. Through this, I express my feelings, sensations and impressions.

3 Nataša Segulin Veli Rat Dugi Otok Croatia
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

LC – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?
NS – No, I have different themes. Lately, I’ve been very interested and intrigued by the play of light and shadows. The light is always the most important. I am fascinated by the beauty and power of daylight that penetrates through semi-closed doors, windows, shutters… traces of light create mystical, dream-like images. I am now continuing to explore the relationship and the play of light and shadow.

5 Nataša Segulin Strunjan Slovenia
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

LC – How do you feel when you see your work completed?
NS – When I finish my work, photo or series, I always feel fulfilled, satisfied, because I feel all this right from the start in the field, when I capture the image through a lens with perspective, a cut-out. I know this is it.

8 Nataša Segulin Selinunte Italy
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

LC – What is the message linked to the artwork you have shown in this event? How is it connected to the theme of the entire exhibition?
NS – I am presenting in this event three photographs which are a play of light and shadows, the timeless beauty of the reflection of the shutters on the ceiling in the intimacy of a hotel room in Marsala, Sicily, Italy. It is a game of allusions, sensibility. It’s an atmosphere of peace, quietness, silence. The light records can also be understood as a metaphor for the state of today’s world, on which the shadows of unpredictability have fallen, however, light is the hope for a better tomorrow.

1nataša Segulin No Title Marsala Italy Bw
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

LC – We were attracted by your last artistic production, has the artwork presented been created for the exhibition or as a part of pre-existing works?
NS – I am glad that you were attracted by my artistic production! Thanks! The photographs presented have not been created for the exhibition but they are part of pre-existing works, part of the selection of my research into the relationship between light and shadow.

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
NS – I think this international ITSLIQUID Platform brings new opportunities to the artists. It’s a nice opportunity to develop the dialogue between artists, art lovers, collectors, gallerists… It is good to exhibit internationally. The platform has very good online events.

2nataša Segulin Zman Croatia
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

LC – What do you think about the organization of our event?
NS – I am glad to be taking part in this event in Venice. It is well organized. The cooperation is professional and friendly.

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?
NS – Yes, absolutely! It’s very good for establishing new contacts.

9 Nataša Segulin Zman Croatia
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin
7 Nataša Segulin Augsburg Germany
Image courtesy of Nataša Segulin

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